Refined gastronomy

The menu at Le Palmier Restaurant explores the diversity of dishes with exquisite choices of pasta, risotto, fish and meats, meeting the most distinguished palates.

To start the experiment in this gastronomic journey, before the entry, the client is invited to enjoy the "Couvert du Chef", which has become the trademark of the restaurant.

The desserts are also a highlight of the restaurant. Prepared by Chef Patissier, all options come with a gorgeous presentation and have a unique flavor.



To ensure the highest standard of quality of its cuisine and the taste of their dishes, Le Palmier works especially with fresh, selected and daily purchased products from best suppliers. Products are stored in a system of highly efficient organization, a large cold room, and freezers and refrigerators that maintain the quality and freshness of food. Moreover, Le Palmier has an adapted vehicle, with a fridge in the back, which keeps the refrigeration of food during transport.



The heart of Le Palmier is the kitchen. In it, Chefs, Sub-chefs, Chef Patissier, cooks and assistants trained an experienced, knowledgeable and involved with what staff do. And this is crucial when it comes to customer satisfaction. Besides the human material, Le Palmier has a high standard of infrastructure and equipment, integrated with an excellent restaurant logistics that provide a service that exceeds the expectations of their customers and ensure their satisfaction.