An awesome restaurant in São José


The best of Paraíba's valley

Located on the Boulevard Vila Ema's Mezzanine, in one of the noblest areas of São José dos Campos (SP - Brasil), Le Palmier Restaurant offers a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere to welcome customers.

Outside, their balconies offers a breathtaking view of Vila Ema. In the domestic space, acoustics and decor ensure a welcoming atmosphere, marked by elegance and personalized service. Sophisticated and modern, Le Palmier's decorating project is signed by interior designer Alessandra Carvalho.

The menu signed by Chef Paula Hezequiel offers a unique experience, valorizing ​​perfection in every details, from the choice of ingredients, the presentation of the dishes to the table.

The combination of these elements makes Le Palmier a gastronomic reference in the Region, which constitutes one of the best restaurants in the Paraíba Valley.

Inside the restaurant

Customer driven service

Under the command of Chef Paula Hezequiel, the kitchen staff at Le Palmier offers a perfect service, willing to awaken the best gastronomic sensations.

Our cellar offers the best choices of wines from all over the world.

For the convenience of its customers, Le Palmier Restaurant offers valet service.



The hall of Le Palmier Restaurant includes various provisions of its furniture, formatting closed differentiated to meet corporate and social events, with menus that are also customized for the occasion.

Explore the possibilities for your event. Contact us.